FoldClick 3 Bike To Hoop Arm

This accessory allows you to carry a bike on the third (rearmost) position on a FoldClick 3 and connect it directly to the hoop.

eMail us for a price or phone +64 3 443 4906 (may include freight or installation costs if applicable).

  • Makes it possible to carry bikes in positions 1 (nearest car) and 3 (rearmost) – important if extra spacing is desired for larger or wider bikes.
  • 460 mm length
  • Supplied with frame grab claw
  • Supplied without a locking knob – this can either be borrowed from the supplied bike-to-bike arm, or purchased separately
  • Due to length of arm compared to height of FoldClick 3 hoop, this cannot be left on the carrier when folded up.

Only compatible with the FoldClick 3

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