Tow Ball Bike Racks

by Yakima

Utilise your tow ball to carry your bikes simply and securely. Just click and go…

FoldClick 2


Premium rear-of-car tow ball carrier with “Just Click” mounting system.

FoldClick 3


The FoldClick series cannot be added to later with the Justclick+1 accessory. It does however fold up smaller hence the name, and is either a 2 or 3 bike carrier

JustClick 2


Thanks to the unique “Just Click” mounting system, the tow ball carrier makes transporting your rides a dream.

JustClick 3


The JustClick series can be changed from a two, to a three bike capacity, and three to four, with the JustClick + 1 accessory.

A JustClick does not fold up as small as the FoldClick series, and once a bike is on the rack (see ClickRamp below) adjusting the loading of e-bikes is easier.



Add an additional one bike capacity to the JustClick series bike carriers.



Convenient ramp so you don’t have to lift heavy electric bikes.

Weight limitations: On each of the product pages please note the max. weight capability of each carrier. This applies to the sum total of bikes, not individual bikes. Especially note if purchasing a JustClick + 1 for the JustClick series and/or if you wish to carry eBikes

Long Wheel Strap Kit


The Long Wheel Strap is a accessory for the JustClick, FoldClick and OnRamp. The longer strap makes it possible to carry a greater variety of bikes, and can be installed in minutes.

FoldClick 3 Hoop Arm


Carry a bike on the third (rearmost) position on a FoldClick 3 and connect it directly to the hoop.