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Roof Baskets & Alloy Trays for cars and 4wd vehicles

Prorack offers the perfect solution to your adventurous lifestyle with a range of stunning, robust and affordable roof racks and accessories.  We build the ultimate roof racks, bike carriers, roof boxes and accessories so you can take all your gear with you.  Whether you need to carry your bike or kayak, you can count on Prorack to get your car ready for the next adventure.

Our stylish bike racks are lockable and secure, and we have racks for your skis and snowboards too.  You’ll find Prorack kayak racks suitable for racing and recreational boats, while our alloy trays, roof boxes and baskets will give you the roof storage space your car needs.Roof Baskets & Alloy Trays for all your car and 4wd needs

Call in and talk to the team at Alpine Auto Centre to find out where the adventure begins.  Yakima products are designed for auto enthusiasts unwilling to compromise their pursuit of design and performance.

Accessories for Your Lifestyle…

Ski and Snowboard Rack


Cycle and biking roof rack


Canoe and kayak roof rack


Touring and 4wd roof rack

Why Prorack S-Wing?

No other bar comes even close to comparing with the features of Prorack S-Wing, check them out; locks come standard, universal t-slot loading system for all your accessories, unique Smartfoot technology ensures your chances of taking your rack from vehicle to vehicle increase dramatically, stunning good looks, two styles to choose from, up to 70% less wind drag than other roof racks, and of course, that insane silence… Prorack S-Wing is truly the world’s most beautiful, most adaptable and best behaved roof rack.

Roof racks are a great addition to any vehicle, particularly smaller vehicles as they increase the carrying capacity of the vehicle significantly. Extra space on the roof is secure with Prorack S-Wing as locks are standard issue on all Prorack S-Wing, P-bar and Prorack HD products.