Prorack – Kayaking and Canoeing Roof Rack Accessories

Kayaking and Canoeing Roof Rack Accessory

Prorack Kayak Carrier (PR3108)

Kayaking and Canoeing Roof Rack AccessoryWhat you get

  • 4x cradles
  • 2x cam-buckle straps
  • Front & rear tie-down ropes

Safely and securely carry your kayak

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Rubber pads and flexible shape cushion your kayak
  • Suitable for carrying most popular kayak styles from recreational to sports
  • Straps and Front/Rear tie-downs included
Carries: 1 kayak with hull down (up to 36 kg)
Lockable: No
Size: Adjustable
Fits: S-Wing, P-Bar, X-Bar, Prorack HD and most other popular bar types

Canoe/Kayak Holder Kit (PR3032N)

Kayaking and Canoeing Roof Rack AccessoryWhat you get

  • 2 tiedowns
  • 4 kayak cradles

A very safe way to carry your canoe or kayak

  • Pivoting heads for even pressure distribution
    across the surface of the pad
  • Tie down straps with a cam-lock buckle for
    speedy tightening
  • Flexible rubber pads to mould to the shape of
    your hull to cradle your kayak perfectly
  • Single adjustment knob on the side for
    easy adjustment
Carries: 1 kayak, canoe or surfski
Lockable: No
Size: Adjustable
Fits: S-Wing or P-Bar

Carry your boat easily with the right gear

Having the right accessory on your roof rack can make a big difference to it’s usability and the time you spent loading it. Adding these easy-to-use accessories turns your roof rack system into dedicated canoe and kayak roof racks.

With these canoe and kayak roof rack accessories transporting your boat to where you’re going is so simple; just load the boat onto the roof and strap it down to the holder, as well as bow and stern with tie downs and you’re in business.

Fitting these accessories is a breeze too, particularly for the PR3032N and PR3032NK. These little beauties simply slide to where you need them and tighten onto the bar with the single large knob on the side. This means you can get them exactly in the right place, even when your boat is up on top. No more mucking around with painful adjustment mechanisms while taking your boat on and off the roof racks until you get them right. No sir. We have designed these units beside experienced kayakers and the result shows. Will you love to use them? You bet.