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Century Batteries at Alpine Auto WanakaDead Battery? Our expert team will get you back on the road again in no time.


Introducing Century Yuasa…

Maintenance Free
Ultra High Performance

  • For Superior starting performance
  • Sealed top for easy fitment and to prevent acid leakage
  • Electrolyte Recombination Technology to eliminate water top up

Century Yuasa is Australia’s oldest battery manufacturer with a history spanning some 75 years.  At present they continue to be a leader in Australia and New Zealand.  Their portfolio includes well recognized brands and quality stored energy products for a range of applications, covering automotive, speciality and industrial uses.

Century Yuasa Batteries are committed to a program of environmental responsibility and sustainability.  This applied to the manufacture, distribution, installation and maintenance of stored energy solutions for all products supplied.  Forming part of good sustainability practices, Century Yuasa Batteries has been a signatory to the Australian Packing Covenent since 2008.

NEW… Synergy Power Solutions…

Synergy Gel Batteries can be used in mobility vehicles such as golf carts, and as a general purpose power source.

Fully Automatic 3 stage Gel Battery Charger

  • Car
  • Boats
  • Motor bikes

Only suitable for gel batteries 

SCG-1210 12v/10.0A  for only $39.95!