Tow Ball Bike Ramps ~ ClickRamp

Forget lifting heavy electric bikes on to your tow ball carrier. This convenient ramp for electric bikes allows you to just roll your bike on to the carrier. Compatible with the JustClick and FoldClick tow ball bike carriers.


By Yakima #8002492

Weight: 0.60 kg

eMail us for a price or phone +64 3 443 4906 (may include freight or installation costs if applicable).

  • Securely connects to wheel tray
  • e-bike friendly
  • 1 mt long
  • Tool-Free Install
  • Fully Assembled


The Click Ramp is compatible with the premium JustClick 2, JustClick 3 series. And the FoldClick 2 and FoldClick 3, tow ball bike carriers

Weight limitations: On each of the product pages please note the max. weight capability of each carrier. This applies to the sum total of bikes, not individual bikes. Especially note if purchasing a JustClick + 1 for the JustClick series and/or if you wish to carry eBikes

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